Getting started with Unix Shell Programming

Introduction Welcome to Unix Shell Programming! There are lots of contents available about Unix over the internet, but most of them assume that you are...

Silent Features of Unix

The Unix OS offers several salient features, the 5 important of which are discussed below. Multiuser Capability Multitasking Capability Communication Security Portability Multiuser Capability In a...

Which career option to choose after B.tech.? One Should Know!!!!

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XBOX ONE Vs PlayStation 4

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Social warfare

Social Warfare WordPress Plugin: The Complete Solution For Social Media Sharing 

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nokia 3310

The New Nokia 3310 Full Specification and Review

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Bluehost review

Bluehost Review : Complete Hosting Solution for WordPress

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Top Content Marketing Courses Will Help You To Become Millionaire

Top Content Marketing Courses Will Help You To Become Millionaire In 2017

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Taboo The Unaccepted Truth

The word taboo itself is a taboo in our social community, but as our generation is taking their social life to a whole new...

Complete Review Of OnePlus 3: – A Solid Choice for an Unlocked Phone

Well, that was fast! The OnePlus 3T, available in 64GB ($439) and 128GB ($479 models, has arrived to replaced the OnePlus 3 ($399), which...