How To Attack With Loons And Dragons (COC)


cocHow To Attack With Loons And Dragons (COC)

Hi Guys, today I am going to tell you how to attack with balloons and dragons and how to attack with balloons. First, you should need to train 28 loons and 3 dragons or you if don’t have so much space to train 28 loons so can take 24 also and 3 dragons.


Why I’m telling to train 3 dragon because the loon only destroys the defense. That’s why I’m suggesting you train 3 Dragons. Dragon should attract air defense. Definitely, you should train 3 Dragons. Otherwise, your army would be left just half. And I suggest this updated and my personal army strategy is far good in order to loot and for winning the trophies.

First, you will be getting a very high base of “TH” 9 Level (town hall) and also on air defense of level 7.But you need to have Level 4 dragon, then there should be no problem. Anyway, you still have level 5 balloons and level 4 dragon which is more powerful in this type of base.Then you have “Spell” to train with 4 lightings and 1 earthquake. After that take 1 earthquake in CC and Destroy 2 air defense.


Then there should be two left with you and then you just need to take down both of the two which are left in your army. But see, if they are closer to the town hall, then first drop 2 dragons for attracting air defenses followed by there a drop of 20 balloons for break AD  (air defense) and then you most probably will be left with 4 or 8 balloons which will act as a backup and are still left to drop, followed by 1 dragon which is yet to drop.


Then all defenses will get destroyed, which will result from a comprehensive victory over your enemy in this crucial contest. So, again I’ll meet you with one another comprehensive topic of gaming section. So, till then stay updated with my blog which will assure of unique conquering strategies and certain walkthrough of some more interesting games. Till then good bye.


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