LazzyBug is nothing but a website, concerned with blogging which is quite in trend nowadays. It was basically started on 1st May 2016 just as a pastime ‘all about blogging’, but with its consistent popularity amidst the youngsters prompted me to convert it into a Magazine with the multilayer of various content instead of ‘just blogging’. Finally, this is a complete magazine named as  ‘LazzyBug – A Little Magazine’ after the discussion with my companions. It will be cramming you with burning issues and articles. This magazine will be dealing with contents like Entertainment, Food Recipes, Fashion, Technology, Latest News and h-Blogging.

The motto behind this magazine is to provide a platform to young generation to utilize their talents in this advanced technological world.

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Core Team

Ceo & Chief Editor

Hi.. My name is Vishal. I am an affiliate marketer, professional blogger, a creative writer . I started my blogging career in 2016,Read my blog to learn to blog and make money online tips.

Food Recipe Author

You should know that I’m totally obsessed with food. I daydream about new recipes. Above all, I love eating food, especially while in the presence of good company. Good food in good company—does it get any better than that? So read my articles it will help you to know about latest recipes.

Technology Author

Hey I am again. As you all know of my keen interest of exploration, I'm going to start with a new segment of my blog which is technology. I am going to come up with all new stuff of and about the technology world for all the tech geeks out there. Please do read. Hope you all like it !!!

Travel Author

An avid reader, singer, happy go lucky, a life beauty admirer I am! Always looking for new inspirations, sharing of thoughts and ideas. And Love travel

Security Consultant

I am a security researcher who breaks and patch systems | open source developer | Reverse Engineering

Fashion Auhtor

Life isn't perfect but your outfit can be for that I am here to help. Latest fashion trends, all essentials and everything else related to fashion. So keep your head, heels and standards high.

Gaming Author

Myself Divyansh Sharma, a guy passionate about gaming, cutting-edge technologies and doing research in various sectors of the virtual world. I always believe, “If you want to be best, then you have to give your best shot every time when it is required”. But personally also believe that “let nobody control you, just be your own in your own way” as if someone says you to resolve the mystery of an orthodox set of Pandora’s box and gives you that outdated code to unlock the same, but if you have the guts like of being “Unique”, and did the stuff in your own way, then consider you are the master of yourself.


Hey, Its Shweta - I Love Fashion and I think it's sp important because it's how you show yourself to the world. So I'm here to help you with all latest fashion trends and all fashion related stuff - Hope you like it. 🙂